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Virtual Support Group

This is a small, seminar-style group for men and women led by our Senor Therapist, Diane H. Mandell, MSSA, LISW, LCSW , and Master's Level Students. Join us on the last Friday of each month for this affordable, time-efficient, and individualized group. 

Please feel free to join with a beverage, snack, or lunch. 

Our next meeting will be held on: 

Friday, February 23rd from 11-11:45 a.m. 

  • Create the life mission you seek. 

  • Learn how to maintain balance and boundaries in your life. 

  • Learn techniques to partner with yourself. 

  • Learn about goal setting and staying on task. ​

* $26 per group *

Learn how to ease your mind in our Meditation Group

New Members Welcome

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