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Eric Mandell teens therapist



*Telehealth Visits Only*

Eric is an experienced therapist with over 14 years of experience and helps men, adolescent boys/children, families and women. For adult males: improving relationship communication, healing and increasing trust after an affair, addressing addictions, depression/anxiety, work and financial stressors, self-esteem improvement, fatherhood, increasing energy levels. For adolescents and boys: improving relationships at home, increasing self-esteem, and tools for anger management. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. His down to earth, straight forward approach makes it easy for men and boys to talk with him to find solutions in their lives. Eric is an expert in ADHD/Autism Spectrum, and sensory kids and parents. Eric does cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to reduce anxiety and depression in men, women, adolescent boys and children. Eric is also a Career Consultant and offers Career Exploration and Vocational Guidance. 

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